Sec. 13. Examination of defense witness; how made. – If the court is  satisfied  that  the  examination  of  a  witness  for  the  accused  is necessary,  an  order  shall  be  made  directing  that  the  witness  be examined at a specific date, time and place and that a copy of the order  be  served  on  the  prosecutor  at  least  three  (3)  days  before the scheduled examination. The examination shall be taken before a  judge,  or,  if  not  practicable,  a  member  of  the  Bar  in  good standing so designated by the judge in the order, or if the order be made by a court of superior jurisdiction, before an inferior court to be     designated     therein.     The     examination     shall     proceed notwithstanding  the  absence  of  the  prosecutor  provided  he  was duly notified of the hearing. A written record of the testimony shall be taken.