Sec. 12. Application for examination of witness for accused before trial. – When the accused has been held to answer for an offense, he  may,  upon  motion  with  notice  to  the  other  parties,  have
witnesses  conditionally  examined  in  his  behalf.  The  motion  shall state: (a) the name and residence of the witness; (b) the substance of  his  testimony;  and  (c)  that  the  witness  is  sick  or  infirm  as  to
afford  reasonable  ground  for  believing  that  he  will  not  be  able  to attend the trial, or resides more than one hundred (100) kilometers from  the  place  of  trial  and  has  no  means  to  attend  the  same,  or
that  other  similar  circumstances  exist  that  would  make  him unavailable  or  prevent  him  from  attending  the  trial.  The  motion shall  be  supported  by  an  affidavit  of  the  accused  and  such  other
evidence as the court may require.