Bail, When Not Required

Sec. 16. Bail, when not required; reduced bail or recognizance. – No bail shall be required when the law or these Rules so provide.

When a person has been in custody for a period equal to or more than  the  possible  maximum  imprisonment  prescribed  for  the offense   charged,   he   shall   be   released   immediately,   without prejudice  to  the  continuation  of  the  trial  or  the  proceedings  on appeal.  If  the  maximum  penalty  to  which  the  accused  may  be sentenced is destierro, he shall be released after thirty (30) days of
preventive imprisonment.

A  person  in  custody  for  a  period  equal  to  or  more  than  the minimum  of  the  principal  penalty  prescribed  for  the  offense charged, without application of the Indeterminate Sentence Law or any modifying circumstance, shall be released on a reduced bail or on his own recognizance, at the discretion of the court.