> If the complaint is filed with the prosecutor, the prosecutor shall act on the complaint based on the affidavits and other supporting documents submitted by the complainant WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM ITS FILING
> If the complaint is filed with the MTC, and within 10 days from the filing  of  the  complaint  or  information,  the  judge  FINDS  NO PROBABLE  CAUSE  after  personally  examining  the  evidence  in writing and under oath of the complainant and his witnesses in the form of searching questions and answers, HE SHALL DISMISS THE COMPLAINT OR INFORMATION
> He may require the submission or additional evidence, WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM NOTICE.  If he  still finds no probable cause, he shall dismiss the case.

> IF HE FINDS PROBABLE CAUSE, he shall issue a warrant of arrest or commitment order and hold him for trial.  If he thinks there is no necessity for placing the accused under custody, he may ISSUE SUMMONS INSTEAD


> Distinction between the control of the court and the prosecutor
> If the case has been filed in court, THE SECRETARY OF JUSTICE IS ADMONISHED not to entertain any petition for review.  The court may  ignore  or  deny  any  decision  he  would  make  and  this  would cause embarrassment to him.
> The  court  acquires  absolute  control  upon  the  filing  of  the  case